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Johnny August

ISSA offers the top-rated fitness and wellness certifications in the industry. With over 475,000 students worldwide, ISSA works with local, national, and international clubs to partner on hiring needs, discounts, and exclusive deals!

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"The educational partnership over the years provided our training team with top quality education that lead to tangible results with our clients. Not only has ISSA leveled up our current training staff, they've been a huge help in recruiting certified, career-driven trainers entering the industry. We're proud to partner with a company that delivers the results they promise and genuinely cares about their students, education and partners."

Raphael Konforti

Senior Director

"For years, our brand has struggled with finding quality Personal Training recruits, that all has changed since we have partnered with ISSA. With their leads system, many of our clubs have found some real winners to add to their TEAM and culture! Including, the #1 producer in our network! This is out of 178 locations. Thank you ISSA! Your TEAM and resources are world class"

Brandon Daniels

Director of PT for Workout Anytime Franchising