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Meet Your 5-in-5 Mentor

Jen Heward

Jen is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer that has grown her personal brand to over 1 million social media followers. After becoming certified, Jen worked as a Personal Trainer and opened her own gym before moving her entire business online. Jen's booming online business now boasts thousands of subscribers and online training clients. Over the next 5 weeks, Jen will mentor you to help launch, grow, and scale your personal training business.

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Kickstart Your Personal Training Career with our NEW 5-in-5 Program!

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The 5-in-5 Program includes:

The 90-minute classes hosted by your 5-in-5 mentor will guide you through the steps to build your PT business. (Classes are also recorded if you're unable to attend live.

Weekly LIVE webinars

LIVE "Office Hour" support 

Ask questions, discuss challenges, and learn from your 5-in-5 mentor and peers. 

5 months FREE access to the SmartFitness software platform (a $350 value!):

Communicate with clients, manage fitness and meal plans, collect payments, and more. 

Via phone, text, and email! 

Get unlimited support:  

Connect with and gain support from other trainers just like you! 

Exclusive access to the 5-in-5 private Facebook group:  

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